TESTIMONIAL'S:"My pet, Diego, runs from our house to hers everytime we walk her in the neighborhood. This in itself speaks volumes." Diego always comes home so happy, well fed and relaxed". James Umanna

"Katie is a true mother to every dog in her care. My Basset (below in plaid chair), a regular boarder, considers her kennel a second and wonderful home." Dr. Bud Robertson

“The level of service at Blacksburg Critter Care and Boarding is fantastic. Having been a customer for three years, I am consistently impressed by the level of care given to our pet" Thank you!”

Brigit Scott

“What a lifesaver to have found BCC! Imagine a beautiful yard and home to be in, all for pets" Katie provides a remarkable service for so many pet's. " I am so lucky to have found this exceptional place for my pet"

Susan Terwilliger

" I travel a lot due to my job and some trips are over 10 days...BCC keeps my pet as if they were in their own home. Roxy comes home relaxed, happy and always well cared for. Highly reccommend Katie and her services"

Heather Lewis

"We were so impressed with BCC's facility and level of service that we will never put our pet in a kennel again! The yard is huge and safe and all the dogs seem to love being free to run all day." "Katie is professional, highly organized and very knowledgable abour her pet care".

Sara Matherly